GVA Lighting, Canada




GVA Lighting is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures architectural lighting systems for Skyscrapers, Bridges, Shopping Malls, Airports and more.

GVA’s goal is to pioneer the architectural lighting industry through research and development and not follow everyone else on the market. At the same time, these technologies are benefitting customers, enabling them to illuminate bigger projects with ease, guaranteeing a long term reliability of the fixtures as well as delivering a great value.

INFINITY technology enables 300+ meter (1000+ feet) long lighting circuits with only a one power supply making it ideal for use on large scale projects such as skyscrapers and bridges. It is compatible with the STR9 series of wall washers and wall grazers as well as the HIGHLIGHTER (HL) series consisting of cove and delineation types of fixtures.

COLOR-AMP is brand new, patent pending technology enabling colour changing fixtures such as the STR9-RGBW or FL100 RGBW-IM to output 3x the amount of light safely, reliably, permanently and without any modifications to the hardware. While all other companies on the market are only using 1/4 to 1/3 of their fixtures’ potential, you are getting 100% from GVA without paying extra.

UNIBODY technology is used in the outdoor models of the STR9 series of products. These linear wall washers and wall grazers are housed in a single piece of aluminium completely eliminating the need for end-caps and therefore creating a more robust barrier between the electronics and the elements on the outside.