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Star Burst on board Britannia

Project Khan | Moving Wall

The Courthouse | Bronze Pendant Feature

Jona Hoad Design is a multidisciplinary design studio whose passion and area of expertise focuses on feature lighting installations. Based in Buckinghamshire, we work with British designers, architects and manufacturers, delivering high-quality products and services.

For the last 20 years, Jona Hoad Design has worked on a diverse collection of projects within the hospitality, residential and private sectors, ranging from deco to modern, from small to large scale, and from floating vessels to Middle Eastern palaces.

We work with designers, architects and engineering specialists to offer clients outstanding lighting installations and all-around lighting schemes.

From concept to development, we design all aspects of the project; from creating preliminary visuals to detailing all the parts and fixings of the piece.

Jona Hoad Design have a long-standing relationship with many UK suppliers, who are experts in their field. We produce everything from samples to the final product.