Kreon, Belgium

Private apartment Paris, France – with Rei wallwasher profile

Private residence Cannes, France

Ascot London, UK

Kreon is a Belgium-based company that has been active worldwide since 1982 in the development and manufacture of architectural interior lighting and metal ceiling systems. Recently, Kreon has added acoustic systems to its range.

Kreon bases its designs on a very clear and consistent adherence to its philosophy: purity and simplicity. Wherever possible, Kreon designs reflect three-dimensional architectural forms. Kreon offers timeless lighting concepts designed to either fully recess into the architecture or to enter into a dialogue with the environment. Kreon’s product line includes series of downlighters, uplighters and sidelighters that harmoniously blend into ceilings, floors and walls. Kreon always respects the recessed position of the light source and thus creates an emotional illumination experience that avoids unpleasant over-lighting of a space. Architects, designers and engineers integrate Kreon lighting concepts during the design phase. Applications include residential interiors, hospitality and retail, showrooms and offices. Kreon’s main clients are architects and lighting designers.