Digital park, Tremblay (France) – Product: Jeny + LittleWord

Cannes, Croisette France) – Product: Custom made

South Quay Plaza, London (UK) – Product: Creille

Technilum has been designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture for 50 years and equips emblematic public areas as well as private developments worldwide.

Technilum® develops outdoor lighting structures with integrated smart solutions. From ready-to-use (‘‘Prêt-à-Poser’’ range) to entirely custom-made solutions (‘‘Inspiration’’ range), Technilum® is considered as the specialist in responding to market needs with a strong focus on creation, innovation and design.

Technilum® has demonstrated skills in integrating smart & connected solutions into its lighting structures (‘‘Smart-in-Site’’ range), which dramatically improve urban users experience: lighting management, CCTV, WIFI, battery charging, interactive sound and/or visual systems…